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Youth MMA Class

The Best Martial Arts Program for Children in Cockeysville, MD


Muay Thai

FightCamp offers a Youth Mixed Martial Arts program every Monday and Wednesday at 5:00pm-6:00pm.  Multiple disciplines are taught from striking to grappling.  This style of MMA class will complement and reinforce their athletic ability in any scholastic physcial sports in their off-season i.e. Lacrosse, Football, Wrestling.

Girls and Boys: Ages 12yrs old - 16yrs old

Starting October 5th 2024: FightCamp will be adding Saturday Classes at 12:30pm 

kids class

Kickboxing - Boxing

Our Goal is to instill self-confidence into each and every child, so they are confident in themselves and their abilities in martial arts.  We never want any of our children to be involved in a fight, but if the worse-case scenario does happen, we want them to be able to protect and defend themselves. 


Youth MMA

JiuJitsu - Wrestling

Under the age of 12yrs old, children are typically unable to really grasp the concepts taught in our classes or are disruptive to the more serious youth members.  This is why we try and keep the ages within the ranges that we do.  Ultimately, the longer the children train with us the easier it is to advance them into the adult classes when they turn 17yrs old. At that time, the adolescents have the basic foundations to grow with the more complex drills and scenarios offered to the adults.

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