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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

FightCamp Focuses on a NOGI Approach to Brazilian JiuJitsu.  

We feel this is a more realistic approach to grappling and submissions in a self-defense scenario.  We also implement a wrestling base along with BJJ, so that our members are proficient in takedowns and grappling control.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

NOGI JiuJitsu

NOGI Jiu Jitsu is practiced without the use of a traditional Gi.  This removes the practice of grabbing or gripping your opponents Gi and using it against them.  FightCamp feels the use of a rashguard and shorts is a much more realistic approach to defense and grappling.  We have competed and medaled at some of the larger JiuJitsu competitions in NOGI and have implemented this form of BJJ into our Mixed Martial Arts class. 


Wrestling in BJJ

Along with our JiuJitsu base, wrestling is combined to allow our grapplers with more diverse options to their overall grappling game.  Understanding how and what someone is attempting to do to you is the first step in JiuJitsu, the second step is defense, and the third step is applying or countering submissions in a live match.


Rolling in BJJ

Live rolling or grappling is done in every class.  Instruction is important to learning and understanding the moves or concepts, but to really develop your skill set, you must have enough time to practice in a live sitution.  Part of our JiuJitsu class is reserved for details and maneuvers and the second part is reserved for active rolling periods. 

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