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Kickboxing - Boxing

Boxing is essential to any striking program.  Allowing our members to soley focus on their hands will translate into a higher IQ striking skill set.  Boxing drills are an excellent way to develop hand speed and hand eye coordination.

Kickboxing is the mixing and synergry between a striker's fist and legs.  Extremely similar to Muay Thai, except for a few key differences.  In kickboxing, no elbows or clinch is allowed.  Multiple knee strikes and sweeps are taken out of the equation, thus allowing more focus on one's punches and kicks.  

Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai are different sports, yet they all have their purpose in stand up striking.  This is why FightCamp develops it's members with a background in all three.  


usa boxing

USA Boxing

We are licensed as a coach and a member of USA Boxing.

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