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Mixed Martial Arts

Muay Thai - Kickboxing - Boxing - JiuJitsu - Wrestling  


Mixed Martial Arts

Our Mixed Martial Arts class or MMA is a blend of Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, JiuJitsu, and Wrestling.  We employ stand-up striking along with grappling and submission techniques.  Whether the fight stays on the feet or if it goes to the ground, we train to be proficient in either discipline.


This style of martial arts was pioneered by the UFC in the mid 1990s.  By removing what works and what doesn't in different styles of fighting, Mixed Martial Arts developed into what it is today, it's own multi-billion dollar sport.  Refining styles, developing more efficient and productive ways to defend and inflict damage, and using what realistically works on opponents, MMA is the most functional, diverse and updated legimate fighting style known today. 

Bruce Lee stated, "Absorb what is Useful, Reject what is Useless, and Add what is Essentially Your Own"  

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